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Who are we and why buy from us?

We are LEGO ® construction kit enthusiasts who have decided to try to turn their hobby into their livelihood. We are trying to build a collection of interesting LEGO® sets that are no longer available in the regular retail network (because they have been discontinued). We store all LEGO® building blocks in such a way that they are in perfect condition even after several years of 'lying on the shelves' and come to you in the same condition as if you had purchased them in a LEGO® store.

We specialize in unopened LEGO® building blocks (MISB sets).

The vast majority of the LEGO® sets we offer are no longer commonly sold or will soon stop being sold. We treat all LEGO® sets as an investment, so you can expect from us:

  • box of LEGO® sets in excellent condition
  • perfect packaging for shipping
  • shipping throughout the EU and to other countries around the world
  • guarantee of originality and completeness of the offered LEGO® sets

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If you have any comments or observations, do not hesitate to contact us.

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